Lanifibranor is a PPAR agonist that is designed to target all three PPAR isoforms in a moderately potent manner, with a well‑balanced activation of PPARα and PPARδ, and a partial activation of PPARγ. While there are other PPAR agonists that target only one or two PPAR isoforms for activation, lanifibranor is the only pan‑PPAR agonist in clinical development.

We believe that this pan‑PPAR approach provides for a combination of anti‑fibrotic, anti‑inflammatory and beneficial metabolic effects that cannot be obtained with single and dual PPAR agonists.

In our pre‑clinical studies, we observed that the administration of lanifibranor slowed, blocked and reversed lung, skin and kidney fibrosis, and positively impacted vascular remodeling. Further, in clinical trials in type 2 diabetes conducted prior to our founding, the administration of lanifibranor was associated with favorable anti‑inflammatory effects, including increased levels of adiponectin, which inhibits the release of cytokines and other pro‑inflammatory proteins. Lanifibranor was also associated with favorable metabolic effects, including improvements in insulin sensitivity, reductions in levels of triglycerides, which are a type of fat, and increases in high‑density lipoprotein, or HDL, cholesterol levels.